10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Jurassic CrossFit

Life can be tough. Everyone has bad days and good ones.

I was fortunate to find CrossFit to help me get through the rough times. A few years ago, I was having a really bad stretch where I felt down and heavily burdened. To help get over this, I decided to do a bit of reflection on how important fitness activities were to both my physical and mental health. I then put together a list of things that I needed to help keep me motivated and coming to the gym on a regular basis. 

Below is a random list of things I have learned and continue to learn from the great coaches and athletes at Jurassic CrossFit and the CrossFit community in general. 

1. I can do it. Whatever it is, I can do it.

2. The easy-looking challenges usually aren’t. The opposite also holds true.

3. Listen to your coaches; they are usually right.

4. Mistakes are to be made. The key is to make them only once.

5. Always own my identity that I am a son of the Lord and Savior.

6. Correct technique brings strength, especially in times of struggle.

7. Your encouragement makes me stronger; encouraging you makes me happier. 

8. I should have jumped rope more as a kid.

9. Surprising results come from consistency.

10. The strongest or the weakest muscle in your body is usually between the ears. Make it the strongest for success. 

Take what you want from this list, or develop your own. The important thing is to realize that even though there will be days when you feel you can’t do it, in the end, you always can—if you try. Focusing on these things has directed my journey as an athlete and it has given me the privilege of coaching something I absolutely love to do. I am thankful everyday. 

Getting yourself to the gym is usually the most difficult part of any fitness routine. Close your eyes and imagine you are driving to the gym. Now imagine you’ve grabbed your water and bag and are now walking through the doors of our #happygym. Your stepping into the warm-up area, greetings and smiles await you—I bet you feel better already.

Have a GREAT workout!

Inspiration provided by Denis Paradis at Catalyst Gym