The Jurassic Mission

After 7 years as a gym owner, our mission has changed.

When we opened Jurassic CrossFit in 2015, our mission was simple: pay the bills.

As we evolved, our mission was adopted by a team and became more complex. We wanted to introduce real fitness to Nicoma Park/Choctaw. We wanted to be counterculture. We wanted to stomp out the myths around fat loss, performance, and health. Our mission, for awhile, was hard to iterate.

But we like to put it like this: If you care about somebody, you have to care about their health. If you care about their health, you have to care about the community around them.

So, we built a caring, supportive community. We planted seeds and cut back the brush and grew in a hundred different directions. It’s been truly amazing, but if you ask any member of the Jurassic Family, “What’s Jurassic CrossFit?” you’ll get a different answer. So here it is, the Jurassic mission, 2022 edition:

The Jurassic CrossFit mission is to enlarge the lives of 10,000 people in our local community.

We care about this city. We chose to plant our roots and family here.

When we opened the gym, we chose the name Jurassic CrossFit and the slogan “Go Hard or Go Extinct” because that’s what a CrossFit gym WAS. Now, the slogan “Preventing Extinction” is where we landed because that embodies what we do so much better. I don’t have to bring every single resident in Nicoma Park or Choctaw to fitness and health to succeed. Because it is a great big small town, with one degree of separation, we can change the city by enlarging the lives of 10,000 citizens. They, in turn, can ask their friends to go for a walk, or share their salad and meat for lunch. We can be the city’s preventative care and catalyst for health.

Why “enlarge”? Because our brand of fitness is more than life-extending; it’s life-broadening.

If you cut out processed carbs and sugar and start doing squats, deadlifts, and presses, you’ll live longer. But you’ll also live BETTER. You’ll stay independent to an older age. You’ll have strength and mobility and the will to live right up until the end-you’ll practically be your own pallbearer.

You’ll be younger for longer. And while you’re young, you’ll do more things.

You’ll Spartan Up. You’ll play more golf. You’ll ride your bike 62 miles to raise money for people who won’t. You’ll get down on the floor with the kids, up on your feet to dance, and over the walls of diabetes and depression. You will go, you will see, and you will conquer. You will live a larger life.

The Jurassic CrossFit mission is to enlarge the lives of 10,000 people in our local community. What is your mission?

Written by Kayla Allen

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at