November is the Best Time to Start

As the leaves fall and the days grow shorter, many people tend to put their fitness goals on hold, waiting for the New Year to make their resolutions and start on their fitness journeys. However, November can actually be the perfect time to kickstart your health and fitness goals. We will go further to explore why November is actually an excellent time to get started and how it can set you up for success in the year ahead.

  1. Build consistency before the New Year: Consistency is key to any successful fitness journey. Starting in November allows you to build a solid fitness routine and establish healthy habits before January 1st. By the time others are just beginning their fitness resolutions, you’ll already have a month or more of progress under your belt.
  2. Beat the winter blues: Many people struggles with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months. Regular exercise can be a powerful tool to combat the winter blues. By starting your fitness journey is November, you’ll have a strong routine in place to help boost your mood and energy levels during the darker, colder days.
  3. Set achievable short-term goals: Starting your fitness journey in November allows you to set achievable short-term goals for the end of the year. These goals can be milestones you want to reach by December 31st, and achieving them can provide a sense of accomplishment that motivates you to continue your journey into the New Year.
  4. Enjoy fall outdoor opportunities: November is a beautiful time to exercise outdoors and take advantage of the crisp fall weather. Whether you prefer hiking, jogging, or cycling, the natural beauty of the season can make your workouts more enjoyable and motivate you to stick with your routine.
  5. Establish a support system: Starting your fitness journey in November gives you the opportunity to seek support from friends or family who may also want to improve their health. Together, you can motivate each other, share progress, and hold one another accountable.
  6. Prepare for holiday indulgences: The holiday season often brings a wealth of delicious, but not necessarily healthy, food choices. By beginning your fitness journey in November, you can preemptively create a buffer for those indulgent moments, making it easier to maintain your overall progress during the festive season, preventing excessive weight gain.

While January may be the traditional time to make fitness resolutions, November offers a compelling alternative to start your journey. By avoiding the New Year’s rush, building consistency, and harnessing the unique benefits of the season, you can set yourself up for a successful and healthier year ahead by taking advantage of this often overlooked month. So, don’t wait for January 1st; take advantage of November to begin your fitness transformation today.

Written by Kayla Allen