Who is Jurassic CrossFit for?

Jurassic CrossFit is not your high school, nor is it like other gyms. We don’t like drama, cliques, or judgement.

I had a pretty decent time in high school. I wasn’t popular, but I also wasn’t smart enough to be a nerd. Luckily, doing color guard encouraged me to stay in shape both in and out of high school and for the next three years when I joined an elite winter guard. In college, I took walking fitness and was introduced to the gym, so I began to not be afraid of the weight room. I made friends with a a group of guys who let me follow them around for chest, arm, leg, back days.. Lifting weights changed my life. I had confidence and knowledge. I knew how to deal with stress, and I would raise my hand in class, look people in the eyes, and was starting to feel really good about myself.

Years later, Lucas and I founded Jurassic CrossFit to share that same gift with others. We believe that exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate. We believe that you have to find something you love and celebrate success before you’ll ever be motivated to work out or eat properly. We believe in progress, not perfection. We believe in coaching and we believe in making sure you’re here again tomorrow.

Have there been “gym jerks” along the way? Of course! But since I own the gym, I can keep them out of the gym. We are not better than everyone else and that garbage doesn’t fly here. That means Jurassic CrossFit will never be the biggest gym in town. It means we’re not here to win CrossFit competitions. But we will always be the best because of the athletes under our roof (and you are an athlete!).

If you want to get fit, have fun, and forget about high school, come in and talk to us. We’re not salespeople, but we believe in what we do.

Written by Kayla Allen

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at catalystgym.com https://catalystgym.com/who-is-catalyst-for/catalyst gym.com