Shannon’s Story

Shannon started at Jurassic CrossFit initially to help with her running. Her biggest fear about starting CrossFit was if she would actually be able to do the workouts or not.

“I tried to stay in semi-decent shape through the years,” Shannon says, “but I knew that CrossFit was intense and with me being 60 now, I wasn’t so sure! What helped me overcome my fear was the beginning week of On-Ramp. The way I was coached was exceptional! After that first week, I felt confident that I could tackle any workout the best I could.” Every member who is just starting goes through one-on-one personal training before they go to classes so they can learn about different movements and have a coach by their side through it all. It helped Shannon to know that when she got to class that there were different levels and modifications and a coach to help you with where you’re modify or substitute movements. This gave Shannon confidence to know that every workout is doable for anyone!

The biggest change Shannon noticed in herself since starting is in her upper body and with muscle definition in her abdominals. “I feel so much stronger overall and I h ave seen constant progression in what I can do!”

If she could give herself any advice when she first started, she says it would be to not doubt herself and her abilities so much. “The biggest limitation I have is myself and I would have told myself in the beginning to totally ignore that limiting thinking!”

Some ways that CrossFit has helped Shannon outside the gym is definitely in her running, which is what she initially set out to do. “I have improved my pace and endurance for sure! I feel stronger and less fatigued after my long runs. I am trying to eat healthier and upping my protein intake.”

“The CrossFit community has been absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough good things about the coaches and the amazing and encouraging job they do! I have made so many new friendships with other athletes that I know will last for a very long time. Joining Jurassic CrossFit has been one of the very positive things I’ve ever done and I feel blessed to be a part of it.”

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Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your story!